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We make sure that our employees have a

Do you want to be present when something new comes up?

We at PHATEC s.r.o. operate an authentically Czech company; we develop and manufacture original machinery primarily for producers of technical textiles. We aim to lighten people’s work load and increase safety in factories. Because we have a lot of work to do, we are looking for talented, active co-workers to help us with this.

Are you able to read technical drawings?
Do you enjoy working with machines, and are you able to repair just about anything?

Can you make decisions quickly and come up with solutions on your own?

Your daily routine will include:

  • following technical drawings to install machines that we have developed
  • providing maintenance and repairs for our machines at the customer’s place of work minor metalwork
  • communication with other members of the team

If you choose us, you will participate in manufacturing excellent machines, and you will gain the respect and recognition of your colleagues, who will consider you an essential part of the team.

You can look forward to working in the clean, modern environment of a new factory building. You will be able to be proud that you work for an authentic Czech family company, which values loyal workers. We will compensate you well for your good work.

Would you like to break into the field of machine automation?
Do you want to cooperate on developing new machinery?
Are you able to look for and come up with solutions?
Are you familiar with electrical diagrams?
Do you meet the requirements of Decree No. 50 – at least Paragraph 6?

The results of your work will be:

  • machines that have been electrically connected
  • selected and ordered components
  • machines that have been prepared electrically for programming

Are you able to come up with solutions on your own?
Do you enjoy creating new things?
Have you produced actual, visible work outputs that we would be able to verify?
If you answered yes to the above questions, then maybe we are looking for you!

Your work will consist of:

  • technical solutions for creating new machines
  • complete technical drawings

Are you interested in working for us?

Write to us and attach your resume. Or call Mrs. Havelková directly at +420 604 168 199.
You can also email her at havelkova@phatec.com.

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